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Vivian Nicole Tesler: Reforming America Through Disco




Gloria Gaynor, Earth Wind and Fire, ABBA and The Bee Gees and other artists all have helped shape and change the mindsets of Americans and music lovers for generations. But sadly, disco, their genre of choice musically, has died down over the past couple decades.

Well, the sound of happiness & dance is back with singer Vivian Nicole Tesler getting set to release her debut disco-geared song this month.

From musical theater to now the upcoming release of Discomatic, Tesler spoke to us in full detail about how music has reformed her life, and will surely reform Americans who are about to be blown away by the vibes she is getting set to release!

1. How has disco music reformed your own life?

Disco music was always present in my life, from a very young age. I grew up listening to Gloria Gaynor, Earth Wind and Fire, Chaka Khan, ABBA, Donna Summer and The Bee Gees. Other musical influences were also present and amongst the disco greats I fell in love with, but what drew me to the disco sound was its seduction infused with its magical energy. Disco had the power to transform a room, Ignite a stage and set fire to a dance floor. It didn’t matter how old one was… disco found a way into people’s hearts. It made its mark, and truly never left. Disco was so embedded into my life as a young child that its influence inspired me to become the person I am today. Disco music is known for its upbeat tempo, catchy melodies, and repetitive lyrics. Four on the floor, syncopated drum beats. 

2. You are bringing disco “back”… How’d you decide to want to do this?

I often tell people who ask me this question that it wasn’t a choice… it was a calling. I have been a fan and listener of the disco genre for as long as I can remember loving music. I was drawn to the genre as a young child and it never shifted. I wanted listeners to enjoy disco in the authentic form. I wanted to create an album that didn’t alter the core of the sound but rather add to a genre that was and is genius and should continue to be celebrated. My album “Discomatic” is a modern disco classic, honest to the vintage genre for listeners who have exhausted the existing disco catalog. Nu disco is a revitalization… Discomatic is an inspiration extension of those legendary modern classics that we all know and love.  The album is played by real musicians on vintage instruments through a 1970’s analogue console. There are very few artists going through the trouble to keep the genre vintage like Discomatic has done. You can hear the authenticity in Discomatic that can only be compared to songs of the classic era.

3. Tell us about your music prior to this disco project you have been working on?

Prior to working on my debut album Discomatic, I was heavily involved in the musical theater scene. Performing and producing shows across Canada and the United States. My routes are on the stage. I am a triple threat entertainer. I also love Jazz, so you never know, it could be in the cards for a future album release. 

4. How do you feel disco will now help to reform new generations of music lovers?

I hope that new generations of music lovers will enjoy the classic disco sound captured by the magic the disco revolution had made on the past generations. I believe the addition of Discomatic does add a fresh take on a classic disco catalogue. By revitalizing the classic genre disco audiences are again reminded of how powerful the impact of disco is at its very core. I hope to remind listeners of the value the use of real instrumentation and the importance it has on the future of our music moving forward. At the end of it all… I made this record, yes because I LOVE disco and it has added so much value to me as an artist, but I also want to add that I truly want audiences to feel that they can get up and dance and let go of their problems even just for a minute in today’s society. 

5. Which disco genre group/person was an inspiration to you growing up?

I would have to say Gloria Gaynor left a profound imprint on me. Abba, Bee Gees, Earth, Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, Boney M, Kool and the Gang all played an important role in my love of disco. There are so many more artists I would love to list … but I would be writing forever. 

6. Tell us more about your lead single, Discomatic?

The birth of my single Discomatic stems from why I decided to write Discomatic in the first place. We all have a little Discomatic inside of us. The song conceptualizes that Disco never truly died, and that disco continues to live inside all of us.  It has followed us throughout the decades. Producers in the early 80s, cleverly infused a disco inspired, syncopated drum line beat in many of the early 80s hits. Disco demolition may have ended disco’s reign, but it didn’t end disco’s influence on its more modern contemporaries. Fast tracking to today… We can see the heavy influence disco has had on house and EDM music. We are also seeing the uprise of disco house, a genre that combines the upbeat and funky rhythms of disco with the electronic sounds of house music. It often features soulful vocals and catchy hooks, creating a feel-good and danceable atmosphere. If we really take a strong look at the last few decades, we can safety say that we have all been touched and or shaped by the magic of disco at one point of our journey. 

7. What’s next after this single drops?

Discomatic the single drops August 17 and shortly after that the rest of the Discomatic album will be gradually released over the next few months. 

8. While you are from Canada originally, why are you proud to now be working and living in America? 

Canada will always be my home and the place where I discovered my gifts as a very early child. It is the place that nurtured those gifts and provided me with the skill and refinement to take my aspirations to the next level. It is also the place I grew up, where my family and friends reside. I miss them very much, but I do know that I am in the right place at the right time to continue to make my dreams a reality. Canada will always have a special place in my heart. America has graciously provided me with the opportunities necessary to further my career in entertainment and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work, live and chase my goals and aspirations here. The realm of possibilities are endless and living here certainly allows me to reach not only all of America, but Canada and the rest of the world as well! 

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