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Roy Andrade’s Cyber Boy Corp Is Going To Reign Supreme In the Cyber Security World




Running a successful business isn’t easy, especially during the time of a pandemic. It has been a roller-coaster for many businesses. And many have given up, but not Roy Andrade, the CEO of Cyber Boy Corp. He is a business owner who is proud and passionate about his business. That’s why he is putting in every effort to keep his business running.

Cyber Boy Corp has been in business since March. It was right during the time when the pandemic demanded a full-scale lockdown across the country. But despite the challenges believed in his business and is working on his dream. Roy’s company Cyber Boy Corp has its Headquarters in Beverly Hills. And it has been working even during the Pandemic; it has survived until November.

The Security Company has made it this far because of the efforts of Roy Andrade. During an interview, he admitted that he worked for 2-3 days straight. And it is only coffee that guns him forward.

Even though Roy does not get his 6 hours of sleep daily, he still works full capacity. Sometimes he may be a bit out of sorts because of lack of sleep, but that does not stop him from working. He believes that he is on the move always, so sleep is not much important for him.

This is a crucial time for his Cyber Boy Corp. He needs to invest more time and effort into this project. Roy sees Cyber Boy Corp as his baby and would like to expand it. He claims that the company is going to reign supreme in the Cybersecurity world in the coming years. His efforts will pay off if Roy keeps working this hard.

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