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Research Says People Respond Better To Selfies Taken In Natural Light With Original Features




Instagram offers the users the right to like, share, follow and comment on pictures and accounts from all over the world. People can choose to respond to the pictures and videos through comments or messages or share stories or posts with their followers from different accounts.

While doing so, Instagram also offers the users various filters to upgrade their usual photograph and try to make it better to attract more likes and comments. With likes and comments being important to all accounts, people tend to use the filters liberally to enhance their photographs. Many also take help of services using which you can increase your Instagram views – and similar.

A new research puts forth a theory that the use of filters on selfies in actuality reduces the likes and comments on the post. Selfies taken using the face filters receive lesser love from the followers and Instagram users.

People generally like enhanced pictures but they do not like photographers/ selfie takers changing color of the skin or structure of the face using these filters or the face app. Even the selfies or photographs that have ears, animal parts or eye gears do not get appreciated on the platform.

People love the natural selfies with personal poses that makes the person unique rather than the use of filters or apps. The addition of filters seems like an ingenuine behavior to the minds of the people according to the research. Selfie takers enjoy how their visual appeal is increased by the filter but it is perceived by others as a way to hide the real person. People tend to like and comment on pictures they find genuine and present the ideal depiction of a person.

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