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Hair Transplant Tips from the Los Angeles Hair Institute




Want to improve your hair quality or even reverse loss of hair – here are some great points about hair transplants to consider.

1. Less pain, more gain

Dissimilar to traditional techniques of hair restoration, one generally feels less pain following an FUE operation. We deaden the scalp during the operation using long-lasting anesthetics, and many of our patients have been quoted saying that OTC pain relievers such as Tylenol / acetaminophen, will be effective the night following the surgery. Nearly all patients have reported feeling no pain 24 hours later. Dr Maag gives a small number of prescription pain drugs to assist in case Tylenol isn’t sufficient. He is concentrated on your overall comfort after and during your operation.

2. Fuller, thicker hair

FUE hair in Torrance, CA will provide you with incredible results! Are you aware that the survival rate for grafts using HHR’s proprietary ProGrowth Combination FUE method is 99%? Conventional FUE stands at 90-95%? Contrast that with a survival rate of 75% in follicular unit transplantation (FUT) hair restoration (at times referred to as the ‘strip’ technique). FUE gives fuller and thicker hair since the exact harvesting technique means minimal trauma to the hair follicles during the harvesting procedure and healthy hair as you recuperate.

3. Boosted confidence

Hair loss can have a severe and detrimental impact on your self-confidence. As a matter of fact, not only can losing hair affect your sense of self-esteem, but it can also elicit feelings of depression, anxiety, and other emotions. Hair restoration using ProGrowth Combination FUE can provide you with the much-needed impetus to your confidence. And given how Dr Maag understands the emotional effect losing hair can cause a person, our specialists deliver support during the entire process of your treatment. Dr Maag has already undergone the operation and task from experience.

4. Little (or no!) scarring

FUT functions by regrowing hair, but it will leave a visible linear scare – particularly if you want or have to maintain your hair short.  Since the extraction spots during the FUE operation are very small (equal to or less than 1mm), any sort of scarring is undetectable if it is even there, to begin with. The extraction spots will close up and heal on their own in only a couple of days following your operation – with no perceptible scarring!

5. In-office procedure

Our team of grafting specialists will finish your FUE with NeoGraft® as an in-office operation. The whole hair transplant is done under local anesthesia, which means you can go to and from the office by yourself. You need not worry about the extra costs, inconveniences, and risks of more intrusive techniques such as FUT.

6. Faster recovery

FUE NeoGraft hair transplants are an excellent method of restoring your hair without having to be out of commission for long. You can go back to your daily routine in around one to two days.  You need not worry about stitches or staples, and the bandage is taken out around 24-48 hours following the operation.

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