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gg Toy Company at Collision Conference in Toronto




“The Olympics of Tech” – Shared Politico about the Collision conference. Collision is one of the fastest growing tech conferences of North America. In fact, according to Bloomberg, this is one of the world’s biggest tech conferences. 

A popular startup toy company that has linked toys to NFTs, gg Toy Company, was seen participating in this Collision conference  attending the event as a tech company in the crypto industry.

About Collision Conference

Collision conference brings together Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups, as well as world class speakers. The next event will be held next year in June 2023, pre registration for which has already started. More and more companies are joining the event to make meaningful connections and find valuable leads.

This conference will see 30,000+ attendees. It will be held over 4 days, and will see a lot of guest speakers, round table discussions, and social events. 

The main motto of this conference is to allow companies and people to meet more people from around the world who are actively involved in the tech industry. 

This year, the Collision conference has added for the 1st time a Crypto stage and Crypto day to the event, which has led to popular companies like gg Toy Company becoming a part of this event and reaching out to a larger audience.

About gg Toy Company

This is a startup toy company, which was incorporated in 2021 and is located in Edmonton Canada. It produces physical toys that correspond with NFT collections. 

gg Toy company is focused on NFTs and WEB2 / metaverse development. They purchase NFTs with intellectual property rights and create toys based on the characters in the NFT. You can view their NFT collection here –

They have branded their company in June 2022 with a popular NFT Mutant Ape Yacht Club, in order to connect with the tech companies building in the web 3 ecosystem. Very soon, gg Toy Company will be releasing a toy of this character. 

They are going to be making NFTs for limited runs with the debut of new or special edition toys. Their purpose is to establish a brand that is both real and virtual in the physical world and metaverse.

The mission and vision of gg Toy company is to make cool stuff for the rest of their lives and never stop because they genuinely enjoy what they do!

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