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Fancying a healthy diet in 2021, how about the Mediterranean? 




Keeping up with American's health.

This has been the fourth time in a row, and the Mediterranean Diet has obtained a rank as the No. 1 under the ‘Best Overall Diet’ segment. Many researchers have suggested the Mediterranean diet can help you get rid of chronic diseases and improve longevity. The Mediterranean Diet has always claimed the top spot other lists such as

Best Diets for Healthy Eating was tied on the first stop.

It was first tied to ‘Easiest Diets to Follow’ and ‘Best Diets for Diabetes.’

Number one on the Best Plant-Based Diets and Best Heart-Healthy Diets.

It was number two on the DASH Diet and Flexitarian Diet tied.

Since people stay home more and move their bodies less post the covid19 time and comply with the ‘quarantine rules’ – it’s imperative to maintain a healthy diet and keep you active. A data-driven approach could also help you fix your fitness mantra if you don’t want to adopt a new diet system. While many people will argue, data drive rankings, and you may find Mediterranean food a little bland at times. It was the fastest-growing cuisine in America, but it has had a steep decline in retention. You can mix your diet with four new diets: Noom Diet, the AIP Diet, GAPS Diet, and Modified Keto Diet. The Noom Diet focuses on the behavior change, tied with Jenny Craig for the third spot, and was rated twelfth in the best commercial diet segment. Experts lauded Noom’s built-in network. Keto has been a rising star in the American diet, which people are adopting for weight loss. It is also a very ancient diet system that human’s adopted before the discovery of farming.

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