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Dr. Dain Heer Opens Up about His Bestselling Book ‘Body Whispering’




‘Body Whispering,’ a bestselling book by Dr. Dain Heer, may well just change your life, giving you a new and absolutely amazing relationship with your body while also upping the amount of joy in your life.  This book not only roared on to the bestseller list, it has readers talking about it across all social media streams. What are they saying? They are sharing their stories outlining just how much this book has helped them heal their relationship with their bodies, love themselves, and yes transform their lives. ‘Body Whispering’ is a must read this season, and for many seasons to come.

Dr. Dain Heer has been facilitating, exploring, and celebrating the magic of bodies for the last 30 years. On this grand adventure he has also developed his signature energy work called the Energetic Synthesis of Being: A totally different way that invites a new level of awareness and transformation with bodies.

Recently Heer took some time out of his extremely busy schedule so we could learn more about him, his book, and yes how Body Whispering can help us embrace our bodies, and have happier lives.

Every book has a story about its creation; what’s the story behind ‘Body Whispering’?

So many people around the world believe they need to be unkind to their bodies or judge them or follow a guru or a strict regime, and they never enjoy the journey with their bodies.

I have seen that when people embrace the tools in the  Body Whispering Book and start to have a different relationship with their bodies, it allows them to ask the body what it requires.

When you have the connection with your body, the results are so much more dynamic, and that was my target to bring this book to the world.

Body Whispering is a culmination of more than twenty years of experience as the co-founder of Access Consciousness and my experience working as a chiropractor.

When I started out as a chiropractor, I always had a sense that there was something more I could be doing for my patients. A few years later, when I met Gary Douglas, the co-founder of Access Consciousness, he’d come to my practice for a session and tell me, “ask my body, it will tell you what it needs”.

This was an eye-opening experience for me.  Someone was empowering me to trust me! And that I would know?! Suddenly, I was aware of this whole new communion with bodies and a new world opened up for me.

This was the beginning of my body whispering journey. I then developed my signature energy process, the Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) and run classes around the world working with people to teach them how to transform their limitations into possibilities.

Changing our relationship with our bodies, for many of us, is a groundbreaking concept. What is one of the keys readers can use right now actually to listen to their body?

The biggest thing is to ask questions! That opens a world of possibilities and your body can gift you the awareness of what it requires.

Some questions you can start with right now.

Body, what you like?

Body, what would you like to eat today?

Body, what would you like to wear today?

Body, what would you like to BE like?

Your body has a knowing, an awareness, a sense of what it would like in the world!

The second thing I would say is to get out of judgment. We are told that a lot of substances are bad for our body without ever asking our body. What if your body thrives on coffee and somebody next to you doesn’t? Does that make you or the other person wrong? Not at all! For example, if you say, “coffee is bad, I can’t drink coffee”.

What if our judgment of what we are ingesting and what we are choosing creates the problem with our body. Our point of view creates our reality. When we are judging (for example, coffee) and saying we shouldn’t, our body has no choice but to make it a problem for us.

If we didn’t judge it, would we have a problem?

I don’t think these kinds of concepts are being talked about enough – people are stuck in a cycle of shame and judgment. I knew that I needed to create something to show people that they aren’t wrong and that their body is already incredible!)

Let’s change it up a bit. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

The ability to point my finger at stupid people and make them no longer stupid. And this is because the world has succumbed to valuing the lowest common denominator of possibility that is available. And I know that if we would instead value our greatness, and have the willingness to perceive its possibility being actualized, we together would create a world that works for all of us.

To find out more about ‘Body Whispering’ and Dr. Dain Heer head on over to Amazon.

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