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Disc Jockey Nitin Badoni: The eminent personality




Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat; the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure but the deeper satisfactions that come out of struggle. Every person has to face difficulties in achieving their goals. Once a wise man said, “an inspiring story remains an inspiring story” and here we have one. Nitin Badoni is a great disc jockey, wonderful dancer and a fantastic musician. He was born in India. His journey has been a big inspiration to all the people out there. He has worked hard to achieve the heights he is on.

Nitin Badoni did every possible thing to keep his dream alive. He is working hard to be a successful person. For the very first time, when he started playing music, the audience started dancing along with every beats of his music. He considers it as his first achievement. He is working hard to be a successful person and some wise man said that “winners embrace hard work. They love the discipline of it, the trade-off they are making to win. Losers, on the other hand, see it as punishment. And that’s the difference”. This statement is true somewhere because hard work pays off.

Nitin Badoni faced many challenges to make it to where he is at today. He clearly remembers everything, from the struggles to the bright and shiny days of his life. At one time, he did not have work and enough money to fulfill his dream. He believes that his strength comes from family and friends, who support him a lot at that time. His audience cheered him to perform hi best. In his spare time, he likes to read books, play guitar and hanging out with friends. He wants to thank his fans for believing in him. He will always be in debt to his fans love and support.

Nitin Badoni aims to show the world his art. He likes to make songs with some good messages. He already planned his next 5 years. His achievements are often attributed to his carefree outlook on life and his desire to follow his passion. He wants his audience to enjoy his songs. He wants to inspire everyone to follow their hearts. Keep a positive and creative mindset and one day you are going to see a world you always dreamt of. Keep your vibes up!

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