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Bestselling Author, Louise Valentine Discusses Five Simple Steps to Take on Any Challenge & Tackle Self-Doubt




Question 1In your groundbreaking new book you discuss a five-step approach to breaking through life’s most difficult moments, without giving away too much, what challenges in your life inspired you to write this book? 

As an athlete, Exercise Physiologist, and military spouse I’ve always dreamed big.  I enjoy pushing myself to optimize performance, whether it’s hitting personal best racing times after having 2 kids or refusing not to give up my career over the course of 8 military moves.  Despite others telling me to give up, I’ve refused to be brought down by the challenges of my military lifestyle and personal health.

It was when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, and a precancerous condition in my early thirties that I became inspired to write a book showing others that it is possible to remain empowered despite uncontrollable circumstances.  I firmly believe that we are ALL fully capable of overcoming any challenge life sends our way and the book shows us exactly how that is possible!

Question 2When did you decide that you wanted to be a Health Educator, and much more, when did you decide you wanted to write a book to help others? 

Prior to becoming a military spouse I owned a sports massage business contracting with professional athletes and medical providers.  However, once I married my Army aviator husband we relocated 8 times in 10 years.  I was motivated to reinvent my career and earned my Masters in Public Health focusing on health communication and public health practice. 

Since then, I’ve specialized in helping community health planners and senior leaders identify solutions to our nation’s most challenging health problems. Ironically, I have faced my own journey overcoming obstacles.

The Art of Breaking Through combines information I’ve learned throughout my career as a wellness expert and personal experience to share a short, to-the-point 5-step framework.  The book is written for anyone feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by a challenge or personal goal, but who is also limited on time and energy.  After all, when facing a challenge, we need all the time and energy we can get!  The concise format of the book is designed to optimize the reader’s time, leaving them with a clear and customizable game plan, real life examples, and a simple five-step process to tap into their inner greatness and resilience any time they need it!

It is my hope this book will be a go-to solution whenever others are doubting themselves or need to remember exactly why and how they are perfectly capable of breaking through any challenge life brings their way!

Question 3Now that The Art of Breaking Through is out and a worldwide success, what is next for Louise Valentine, perhaps another book? 

Regardless of where the Army sends us, my career will remain dedicated to empowering others with actionable information to live a vibrant, healthy life.  I have speaking engagements lined up, in addition to collaborating with other military spouses and healthcare professionals.  I love my day job as Director of Client Services for Vheda Health, a healthcare technology company focused on chronic disease management.  However, I will continue to share uplifting and actionable wellness content through my blog and @TeamValentineProject Instagram and Facebook.  Be sure to follow me on social media and definitely reach out for collaboration opportunities!  I am always open to new opportunities, especially those that help others discover simple, realistic, and high-quality wellness information.

Question 4As a military wife you have traveled all over the United States, what are some of the places you enjoyed most and why? 

Our family most enjoyed being stationed in Monterey, CA.  My husband, kids, and I have an ultra-adventure spirit, so the open outdoors and active living were a dream come true!  We also love our current location in Columbia, MD, as I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Howard County Strider’s Racing Team and volunteering to oversee a mental health grant through the Horizon Foundation.  Columbia is a wonderful place to live and one of the most welcoming communities we’ve been a part of!  We’ll be extremely sad to leave here.

Question 5: What advice do you have for others who are looking to follow in your writing footsteps? 

Never stop believing that someone needs to hear exactly what’s on your heart. When I doubt that anyone wants to hear the ups and downs of my story I remember that it’s not about me.  It’s about the people whose lives I can positively impact by showing up and sharing my struggles.  It’s our struggles that unite us.  The feedback I’ve received from the book has been incredible!  When I hear others are using the book’s framework to face anxiety, take on business goals, train for a sports competition, or face their own overwhelming challenge it makes publishing a book one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!  This experience is possible for anyone with a message to share.


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