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Best Selling novel Ex LIbris packs a number of interesting surprises




John Oehler’s novel Ex Libris won first prize at the Global Book Awards. We caught up with the author.

1. Your book has won a number of awards, were you surprised by this?

Yes, I was surprised by all of the awards.  My previous books have won awards also, but not as many as Ex Libris.  It’s truly gratifying.

2. What do you think has led to the popularity of your novel?

Many readers remark on how much they enjoyed the heart-stopping pace and the characters (from Dan whose Gypsy background proves vital, to Paulette the blind painter, and Jade the female assassin).

3. Which type of readers are most likely to enjoy your book?

I think the story would appeal most to people who enjoy fast-paced international thrillers set in unusual places.  Also to readers who like strong female characters (of which Ex Libris has four) and those who like a story that challenges their thinking.

4. What are your future plans? Is there a next book?

I’m currently working on another thriller, this one set mainly in the outback of Australia and ignited by a diamond theft, with international implications.

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