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Beauty and Makeup Products Company, Inelz Glow™, is Working to Bring Revolution in the Skincare Industry




Inelz Glow™, a new cosmetic start-up, is providing organic semi-permanent makeup products to help people get excellent skin all the time 24/7. The company offers an at-home Inelz microneedling pen & a powerful natural organic tinted serum. This serum will be microneedled underneath your skin to create a semi-permanent foundation effect. The goal of the company is to revolutionize the skincare industry by bringing such a groundbreaking procedure in the market.

The Inelz microneedling pen helps to create microchannels into the skin and it facilitates the deep infusion of any serum in a painless process. One can enjoy at-home painless and non-invasive skin treatment using an Inelz Glow kit containing semi-permanent foundation, lip tint, and eyeliner.

The use of a semi-permanent foundation not only gives a coverage effect but also helps to rejuvenate the skin due to the presence of organic pigments and powerful skincare peptides. And the skin glow becomes visible immediately and it lasts up to 2 months. By ensuring the normal functioning of skin cells, Inelz Glow™ products help every person to take care of his skin in a better way.

Inelz Glow™ kit helps to stimulate collagen production and it gives a brighter radiant skin. All the products in a kit contain organic color pigments and they contain clinically proven ingredients manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

Semi-permanent makeup doesn’t just rejuvenate the skin but it also helps to improve the overall quality of the skin for the long term. All the pigments contain ingredients such as Niacin polyimide, Albutin, EAA, and all of them are extracted from vegetable elements.

The company is enjoying a good demand for its skincare products and it offers a 15% discount to its customers. Moreover, it also ships all its products to different corners of the world to help people rejuvenate their skin using organic makeup products at their homes.

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