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Assisting People Strive Through Challenges with Faith – Larry Santos’ How Can It Be




Challenges are part and parcel of life despite people’s efforts to avoid problems or issues. People cannot claim they did not face challenges because problems and obstacles are inevitable regardless of circumstances and events. Some people can overcome life’s challenges easily due to their innate talent and problem-solving skills, but most need support and assistance. Many seek solace in disruptive behavior or activities and delve into smoking, drinking, and substance abuse to alleviate and eliminate stress rather than cope with challenges constructively. Although such activities temporarily offer an escape from stress or challenges, they do not offer a permanent solution, typically leading to addiction. People typically face undesirable events and circumstances because disruptive and antisocial behavior usually follows. Substance abuse is also a significant issue that adversely affects people’s lives and prevents them from escaping or improving their lives. External support or other’s assistance is essential to help people solve their challenges and escape the vicious cycle of substance abuse and other antisocial activities.

The assistance or support may come from various productive sources, including family or friends, counseling, and faith. Help from such sources is essential because it enables people to improve their lives rather than falling deeper into problems through disruptive or antisocial activities. Friends, family members, counselors, and faith are also helpful for people in ridding substance abuse or addiction apart from mending their ways. Although friends, family, and counselors are beneficial in offering moral support to people facing challenges, faith significantly transforms people’s perceptions and attitudes. Faith has the power to heal and helps people eliminate stress simultaneously through constructive activities while avoiding disruptive behavior. Many people find redemption and salvation through faith and transform their lives by reconnecting with God. Larry Santos is an individual who transformed his life through faith and shared his experiences to help others in his book, “How Can It Be.”

Faith helps people improve their lives and mend their ways through spirituality, bringing them closer to God and further from undesirable behavior. “How Can It Be” by Larry Santos also carries the same message for readers while guiding them to transform their lives regardless of their past behavior and problems. The author Lawrence T. Santos, popularly known as Larry Santos, wrote the book to exemplify how faith changes people’s lives, behavior, and attitudes. He explains how spirituality helps people by offering a constructive means of overcoming challenges rather than pursuing disruptive activities and temporary solutions. How Can It Be is a unique book in that it shows how faith works in changing or improving a person’s behavior and life by offering the personal example of the author. Santos offers his account of how connecting with God changed his perception and enabled him to escape a vicious and endless cycle of substance abuse and unruly behavior. 

The book shows how connecting with God and renewing faith can transform feelings and emotions of helplessness into positive energy, motivation, and empowerment. Larry Santos experienced a positive transformation after connecting with God and renewing his faith. He led a life of partying and carelessness, filled with alcohol and substance abuse. Santos worked in a warehouse and led his life like many other people without any consideration for constructive activities or spirituality and with an emphasis on constant partying, drugs, and alcohol. However, an epiphany changed Santos’ perspective and compelled him to change his lifestyle. He reconnected with God and renewed his faith to eliminate substance abuse and alcoholism while finding enlightenment and redemption through faith and spirituality. Renewing his faith and witnessing a significant change in his life compelled Santos to transcribe his experiences and share his story with others. The author established Prodigal Sun Productions to publish books for assisting and supporting people to find God and spirituality while improving their lives.

Larry Santos was a warehouse worker before he became an author, penning his experiences to guide others to transform their lives through enlightenment and spirituality. “How Can It Be” illustrates Santos’ journey from an individual with several issues to a reformed man enlightened with God’s message and will to help people. Santos illustrates how he eliminated life’s barriers and improved his life through faith and spirituality. His book offers solutions to others on the same path to help them mend their ways by returning to God. The author iterates throughout the book that every person can find enlightenment and solve life’s challenges by connecting to God and having faith regardless of their past behavior and actions. Larry Santos’ How Can It Be assists people in striving through and overcoming life’s challenges with faith, enlightenment, and spirituality.

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