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American Company POCIAL Are Changing The Way Businesses Run Online




With so many digital and social advertising options available to businesses these days, having a clear and succinct customer experience is more important than ever before. 

Enter into the picture Pocial, a technology & ad firm that gives small to medium sized businesses independence from big box plugins. And with over 600+ resources available for project fulfillment and their partnership with well known Antier Solutions in India to help allow themselves to scale resources for project fulfillment on-demand at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house, Pocial has changed the way Americans are running their brands online.

From Zero Party Data to Digital Advertising, we spoke one-on-two with Clifton Cooper and Greg Middleton, the co-founders of Pocial, to learn more of how they have reformed their industry and changed the lives of other businesses they’ve worked with.

Hey Clifton and Greg… To start off, how is Pocial helping Americans reform their lives and businesses?

Pocial is a leading technology and ad firm that empowers small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the resources and capabilities they need to thrive. Through our experience and unique approach Pocial has established itself as an essential partner for businesses seeking to level the playing field against larger corporations. Our hope is that by making these resources more readily available and cost affordable, we can help businesses grow in ways they never thought possible, resulting in more jobs and happier lives for those involved.

As a team at Pocial, where does your motivation come from each day to get into work and help people with their own companies?

We’ve been in their shoes. Our employees have been in their shoes. Waking up every morning chasing a dream, worried that one of the many balls will drop and it will all come crashing down around you. We are proud to be able to help others achieve their dreams and hopefully sleep a little better at night. This doesn’t only apply to entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs and marketing directors have goals to achieve and budgets to maintain. Our dedication to being data-driven and our proprietary marketing tools allow us to create and shape more efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

What is your top selling service today?

Our top-selling service is our digital advertising suite. We have our own trading desk; when programmatic media buys are activated in combination with our suite of engagement tools and zero-party database, we see unparalleled success. 

Why does solid content and marketing plans matter most these days in our digital society? 

Getting distracted or pulled from your key objective or core messaging is a poison pill for businesses of all sizes and in the ever evolving digital age it’s become more prevalent. Having a solid business model and marketing plan makes it easier to say no to perceived “opportunities” that find their way into your inbox. We harp on patience with our employees and customers. If you have an idea and it’s working, then setting up a roadmap to optimize and grow that concept is crucial. Know your core audience. Can you attract other demographics with a different value proposition, or should you simply replicate your message to your core audience in a new region? Sticking to your core message and what you know, is more important than ever and a strong roadmap will help you find your way back when that random “opportunity” inevitably finds you.

What expansion plans for your company do you have coming up?

In August, we are launching a project that will be the result of 10 years of hard work and vision. It combines all of our products into a singular offering and provides the efficiency and innovation that we have been striving to provide for our clients over the past decade. A prime example of how we had to learn patience and sticking to our core business model through all the distraction. There have been plenty of opportunities to create “off-shoots” to this project and honestly, early on we chased a few, but we learned our lesson and now enjoy sharing those stories with our clients. 

Why are you proud to be American? 

That’s a bit of a loaded question with everything going on in our country today. It goes without saying; America isn’t perfect, and changes need to be made. Social responsibility to our neighbors seems to be at an all-time low, HOWEVER, we are very proud to be American and grateful for everyone that laid the foundation and paid the ultimate price for us to be free. Being American, means that we are open to change, that we try to be better and that we respect each other’s right to free speech and healthy debate without resorting to violence. We do our best to run our business this way and to teach our children accountability and respect. America is the land of opportunity, and we are truly grateful for what we have and those who have made it possible.

Before we let you both go, is there anything else you’d like to add for our readers to keep in mind?

We’ve work with and help businesses that cover all phases of the lifecycle, some with meteoric growth and others trying to stay afloat. The two things that we have learned are patience is key and speed can slow you down. 

  1. Patience is Key: Final results don’t happen overnight and expecting the final result at the beginning of the marathon is a recipe for failure. 
  2. Speed can slow you down: “Don’t let your speed slow you down”. Meaning the to attention detail is critical. As fast paced as things can get, it’s imperative to measure twice and cut once. In haste to complete a task, there’s a tendency to leave gaps unfilled and fringe use cases undiscovered. When those gaps are left unfilled, we end up having to redo the task over again or our budget is no longer adequate to accomplish our goal. What felt like a fast-turnaround instead becomes delayed completion or a failed product launch.

With a Ph.D. in environmental science, Tracey has intricate knowledge about things that have been going around in this particular domain. While working as a professor, she also contributes highly-informative science and environment news for USA Reformer.

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