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Zendaya expresses her thoughts on winning 2020 Emmy Awards




Zendaya is the first youngest star who bagged the award of an outstanding lead actress from the 2020 Emmy Awards and on winning the same, she said, “I myself still can’t believe that I won the award.” 

Zendaya said that she doesn’t usually cry while she was filled with emotions during her speech and reiterated, “I don’t usually cry. I got throughout it without letting it take over completely, but it was obviously a very emotional moment. I still can’t believe it myself. It’s pretty crazy.” 

She was overwhelmed to be among such big names and have won the title. While briefing reporters during a press conference post her awards, she said, “It means so much to me. Every single woman in that category I obviously admire immensely and their work and everything they continue to do. Just to be mentioned within the category at all was something, and then just to have their support and having them smile and wave at me and stuff like that meant a lot to me. That support really, really fills my heart. I’m just grateful for moments like this, moments where we can have joy and we can wrap our arms around our loved ones and tell each other we love each other and we’re proud of each other.” 

“It’s moments like this that we really have to all hold on to and cherish. I’m just grateful that my whole family, who is now standing off to the side and trying to be quiet, is all here to celebrate with me and be here. I definitely felt this wrapping of love around me as I was sitting here,” she added. 

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