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Woman compels neighbor to remove frog statue, calls it creepy




A story of a woman forcing her neighbor to remove the frog statue (that was put up for display outside a neighbor’s house) has been doing rounds on the internet. The woman herself had narrated the story on Reddit (that led to a later rant by people) which finds its traces from a walk that the 35-year-old woman, her husband, and her daughter had taken. 

She reiterated in her post that she had been walking with her family to curb the stress of COVID-19 and remain active during the time of home quarantine. Stating that everything was lucid in the entire street except one. “Recently one of our neighbors put up a frog statuette… for display outside their house. I find it really creepy and so does my husband. My daughter hates it. She is absolutely terrified of it. Now she refuses to go on walks,” she wrote. 

The woman further wrote that she had even contacted the neighbor to help them realize how “annoying” and “creepy” the statue could be to others. She claimed that the neighbor denied taking the statue down as they literally liked it on the display, but rather than approving of their choices, the woman knocked on the doors of the Homeowners Association. 

The Homeowners Association helped the woman to get the statue removed but, forcefully (as the neighbors didn’t want to take it down). The woman also reiterated, her own husband thinks that she’s taken the case too far by contacting the Homeowners Association but she disagreed on the same. 

Well, the woman received rants from the public on Reddit for escalating the matter and not accepting the choices of different people. One of the users even mentioned that the woman should’ve taught her kid to learn to face the scariest things in the world as many kids disapprove of even butterflies in their age. 

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