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Who is Charlotte Fenna ? Her Early Life and Entrance to the music Scene




Charlotte Fenna (born 1st may 1995), is an Egyptian singer and entrepreneur, the songstress discovered music early, and embraced it. But before the music scene Charlotte Fenna was known as a freelancer, Her first musical release was as a teenager, it was an Acoustic performance During high school, she started making mix tapes and by the age of 17, she took up an internship at a music studio. At tertiary institution, she undertook voice training and honed her songwriting skills while studying English literature and she returned to Ghana in June 2017

 She often skipped classes to spend time at the photo lab, making experimental short films. Her interest in photography led to her creating mixtape cover art. wrote poetry, songs and music, but did not initially intend to sing, being rather more interested in Forex Trading. Charlotte is also a Freelancer genius and entrepreneur in partnership with Coinbase, Binance.

She taught herself to sing, rap and use GarageBand while at home without a job, frequently making music and uploading it to Soundcloud In late 2009, became the first permanent upload on her SoundCloud account, and soon caught the attention of record producer Yeti who invited her to record at his studio in the neighbourhood also served as “an oasis of sorts for Charlotte to escape from the turmoil at home”. He connected her with Kemorade Records, an imprint of RCA Records where she signed in March 2014 under label executive Dr. Luke and his publishing company Prescription Songs at the age of 17. This deal also came with a temporary artist management partnership with Roc Nation. Over time Charlotte was known as a local as well as an international public acclaimed singer. With her dexterity, she once worked with an amazing vocalist and song maker popularly known as Tamer Hosny as Additional vocalist.

Charlotte Fenna broad appeal is unmistakable, hinged on soothing and hypnotic melodies. however, an intimate narrative and luminous voice lights up the interpolation of synths and acoustic instrumentals. Not only does she sing masterfully, but her lyrics stand out as well as she revamps a line from hany shaker  to describe how emotional she gets about her love interest.

She is set to start releasing fresh music in 2022, The songstress  released several other songs since

Charlotte is already catching the attention of some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights, like snoop dogg & Dababy. 

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