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Who is Bubba Wallace?




bubba wallace

If you are a lover of car racing, it would interest you to know more about Bubba Wallace. He is the only black African-American driver who instigated the banning of the confederate flag by NASCAR. This has put him at the forefront of NASCAR’s topflight racing series, especially where whites have always dominated.

Black Drivers and NASCAR

In NASCAR’s top series it was not easy for black drivers to have a fulltime ride. This was only achieved by Wendell Scott from 1961 to 1973 who won a race in 1963 in Jacksonville, Fta., despite facing so many criticisms. Scott died in 1998 as the Pioneer of African-American drivers.

bubba wallace

How did Wallace get his Start?

Born in Alabama, Darell Wallace Jr. grew up in North Carolina and began racing at a young age at 9. At 17, he won a rookie award racing in a low tier NASCAR series. Wallace got his first racing debut in NASCAR second-tier series where he finished seventh overall in 2015.

Bubba Wallace was the first African American after Scott to grab six race wins in the truck series.

Wallace had before a race, worn a shirt reading “I Can’t Breathe, Black Lives Matters” along with an American flag face mask. He had previously called for the removal of the Confederate flag from NASCAR events. He believed that it was a symbol of hate and brought back so many bad memories. NASCAR however announced the decision to ban the confederation flag at events. Bubba Wallace is also known as Darell Wallace currently stands twentieth in the standings through eleven races.

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