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Visionary Artist, Majed Veysel, is Inspiring Youngsters to See the World with their Own Eyes




A young architectural designer, Majed Veysel has shown a new way of seeing things to everyone with his artistic skills. He clicks black and white pictures of famous architectures and loves to show to the world the hidden natural beauty in them. 

Born in Aleppo, Syria, Majed Veysel was deeply passionate about drawing and wanted to become an architect or a designer from his childhood days. He would visit museums and see exhibitions, which really inspired him to do something creative by choosing architecture. 

Majed Veysel completed his bachelor studies in architecture in Istanbul, Turkey and he shifted to Italy to pursue masters in Sustainable architecture in Politecnico di Torino university. Just after enrolling for an architecture course in 2013, he created his account on Instagram. On his account, he started sharing architectural black and white photos to tell the story in his head. 

He smartly utilized social media to show something creative to the world with his artistic skills. Majed Veysel started receiving positive response on his Instagram account in 2017 and just that time, Adobe shared one of his creations “A play on light and shadow turns a dark corner into a glowing, optical illusion.”

According to Majed Veysel, black and white photography tells a whole lot about everything we see around us. It captures the emotions, feelings, and energy of things that are not easy to imagine otherwise. The young artist works for showing the world something creative using his artistic skills and he inspires every youngster to have courage to follow his passion without caring about critics. 

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