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To practice strict regulations, Airlines may install special cameras




According to the major development, it has been revealed that at least two companies are in conversation with Airlines for the installation of cameras. Apparently, many people are not adhering to the enforced laws of social distancing which is in a way leading to the cause of widespread of this pandemic. Well, in a move to curb the spread of novel coronavirus and catch people who don’t comply with the rules of social distancing and wearing masks, many companies might start using cameras. 

Meanwhile, Motorola Solutions is a company that deals with producing cameras that can report the number of people who don’t comply with the rules and others. The CTO of Motorola Solutions, Motorola Solutions while talking to one of the media outlets said, “Airlines are having a tough time allowing passengers to feel a level of comfort that it’s safe to fly. Airlines — at least the ones we have spoken to — are fully invested in actually enforcing mask-wearing in general. So they want to insist that not only passengers who enter the aircraft, but those who are in the waiting area before they board, do wear masks.”

Also, this move can be seen after many passengers have denied complying with the rule of wearing masks in flight due to various issues or some passengers have even used the mask to cover their eyes rather than using it as a protector against the contraction. However, these cameras might not be used as a direct measure to debar passengers from traveling in the flight where they don’t comply with the social distancing rules, but it might serve as a tool to accumulate data of defaulters. Cyberlink is a company that builds facial recognition software and it is reported that Cyberlink might join hands with the airports in using the feature in recognizing people who refuse to wear the mask. 

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