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Teyana Taylor shows her baby bump to reveal Good News of her second baby




In a new music video for “Wake Up Love”, the 29-year-old singer, model, and actress is seen revealing her baby bump. Taylor released the new song on Friday which featured her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert and daughter Iman Tayla, also known as Junie. 

Apparently, the music video had dual surprises for fans, one being the song itself and another is the good news. The couple has been married for four years now and everyone including Junie (Talyor’s daughter) is super-excited to welcome the new member of the family soon. 

According to Taylor, the-four-year-old Junie hugs the baby bump often as one can also experience this while watching the full music video. Shumpert has also rapped a verse in the song which cited the good news as the three were lying in bed together surrounded by clouds. 

Before the announcement of a new video, Taylor dedicated a post to appreciate Shumpert which says, “Though you are the love of my life, my king, my husband & an amazing father. YOU ARE STILL A BLACK MAN FIRST, before anything. And that’s the risk I take as you leave my side and walk out the door every single day. I could have lost you yesterday. I could lose you today. I could lose you tomorrow. The sadness of our planet has corrupted mankind’s ability to make empowering decisions. Darkened, but not by the sun; WE still stand up in assembly and cry for help. For these are the reasons I have broken down my defenses; I hear you, I see you, I love you.”

Also, the family claims to have decided the name of their new child but, there’s still a lot more time to be decided. 

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