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Study suggests coffee and green tea lower death risk in diabetic people




Diabetes being a lifestyle disease poses a great threat and risk to the lives of people and since it revolves around the daily-life schedules of people, they shift to a healthier routine than they were practicing before. Perhaps, with a healthier lifestyle, healthy substances or food intake is as well required in the same amount and research published in the online journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, suggests that drinking coffee and green tea could lower down the risk of type 2 diabetes in patients. 

According to the sources, the researchers studied the daily routine of the participants where their coffee and green tea intake was monitored. Also, the participants were asked about their alcohol or smoking habits, if any, and the whole routine was under the study. 

As per the news release of the study and their findings, participants who drank these two beverages had a lower risk of death than those who didn’t drink any of these drinks. Perhaps, these were the participants who drank coffee and green tea in a balanced manner and didn’t over consume it. 

The press release read, “The risk of death was even lower for those who drank both green tea and coffee every day: 51% lower for two to three cups of green tea plus two or more of coffee; 58% lower for four or more cups of green tea plus one cup of coffee every day, and 63% lower for a combination of four or more cups of green tea and two or more cups of coffee every day. This prospective cohort study demonstrated that greater consumption of green tea and coffee was significantly associated with reduced all-cause mortality: the effects may be additive.” 

However, there are various limitations to the study and one of those can be the number of participants as they were less when considered or compared with the population. 

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