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Seeking forgiveness from her family, Egyptian LGBT activist ends her life




It all started with raising the LGBT rainbow flag at a concert in Egypt, October 2017 as Sara Hegazy was arrested by the Egyptian security forces on the order of the public prosecutor. Hegazy who had always been outspoken about the matter was charged with  “promoting sexual deviancy and debauchery.”

Hegazy was released on bail after spending a consecutive of three months in prison. It was reported that she was victim to the humiliation and harassment at the premises of jail by her co-jailers and that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the same. 

This was not the first time when she had attempted to end her life as she did the same before while she was imprisoned. To recover from the most traumatic phase of her life, she sought help from an asylum in Canada. 

But to the shock of everyone, she was found in her home in Canada where she was living in exile since the year 2018. In her last note to her family members, she wrote, “To my siblings – I tried to find redemption and failed, forgive me. To my friends – the experience [journey] was harsh and I am too weak to resist it, forgive me. To the world – you were cruel to a great extent, but I forgive.” It was reported suicide by the local authorities. 

Sara was a 30 years old activist who worked for the rights of LGBT. Many activists paid tribute and condolences to Sara on Sunday when she was reported dead. Apparently, homosexuality is not banned in Egypt which follows a conservation culture where Gay men are still arrested and prosecuted. They are even sent for anal examination to have a check on their “personal” sexual life. 

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