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Sari Jaber “The only way to upscale the community at times of pandemics is through philanthropic work”




One of the youngest leading entrepreneurs within the Arab Israeli community is Sari Jaber. He has brought many reforms to the technology and business sectors for small and medium-size businesses in the Arab world. Using his visions and business approach, many companies have saw exponential growth that’s forced local markets to take another look at just how important it is to not only support each other, but also to strengthen the local market.

Jaber has an innovative approach that allowed him to introduce the large business sector to new methods. This approach helped to cut down on millions of expenses. Through such technological advances he helped boost the only Arabic TV station present in Israel.

Who is Sari Jaber?

Sari Jaber was born into a business-oriented family. This allowed him to receive his education from some of the top private schools and colleges in the world. He attended IDC to learn English, and also went to WBAIS. 

Hailing from an Arab community, Jaber’s family knew it was important that he received the best education possible in Israel. They knew this would later help him bring new business approaches to their own family business, as well as the rest of the Arab community.

Sari Jaber began working at a young age, and has had many jobs. He started at the bottom of the ladder and worked his way up to managing projects worth millions of dollars. Most recently, he worked on a project that created a joint venture between his family’s business and the largest leading company for tourism in Israel called Issta.

This venture was started just one short month before the Coronavirus pandemic began. In this timeframe, the partnership sold more tourism packages than almost every other tourism agency within the Arab community in Israel.

While Jaber is no longer working inside his family’s business, he is still investing his time with helping them expand into other sectors and fields such as acquisition, investments, and much more.

Sari’s Focus During The Corona Pandemic

The recent Coronavirus pandemic led Sari Jaber to begin offering free consultation to countless Arab Israeli SMB and their employees to help them survive and move past the economic turmoil that’s been created. He has done everything from assisting them with seeking grants, to creating general business plans, and even helping them with certain work flows.

His vision and philanthropic work has helped Jaber gain notoriety on both social and traditional media outlets. In fact, within the last month alone, he has gotten over 10 million views on his videos that span across his network. Those interested can also find Sari hosting his own Arabic television show called “Exit”. In this, he usually focuses on teaching viewers about concepts relating to finance, investments, and how to operate a business. On his show you will see also see him interview celebrated investors, businessmen, and other local small business owners.

Jaber has been interested in the GCC market for the last 3 years. He finds that the Arab community and recent middle eastern peace deals have served as a bridging mechanism. He’s noted that both enormous potential and great opportunities await, and everyone inside the Arab community should “jump on the waves of opportunities”.

One thing’s for sure – Jaber is eager to continue scaling up his community and helping strengthen the economy within by “bringing innovative change to the Arab world”.

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