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Popular antidepressant faces shortage due to coronavirus




Sertraline, which is also known as Zoloft, is facing a shortage as reported by various news agencies. It has been inferred that the novel coronavirus is said to produce anxiety and that’s why the recent surge in the shortage and purchase of antidepressants has been experienced. 

Zoloft was placed on the list of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of currently facing a shortage. The news has hit the ground after experts told various news outlets that the country might face a mental health crisis as its next pandemic of this year. This includes not only the ones suffering from novel coronavirus but the ones who have been affected by the outbreak in various manners such as lost livelihood, isolation, and others. 

Many psychological helplines which cater to the mental health needs of the residents across the country have reported a surge of around 50% in the calls received this year as compared to last year, 2019. Also, digital counseling Talkspace said that there has been a rise in their clientele. 

Rather than antidepressants, there are various medicines that are facing a shortage of extra consumption by people in this lockdown period. One of those is Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine that is known for its antimalarial property has been doing rounds on the news as it is cited by few for being beneficial in the treatment of novel coronavirus. 

Various studies also suggest that Yoga can help in offsetting the coronavirus scare, at least to an extent. Well, as self-isolation saw an escalation during the past few months, people working from home felt a sense of depression, and to avoid these, exercise, yoga or, meditation was found to be most helpful. 

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