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New E-Learning Compliance Program Is Helping Americans Get Back To Work!




With COVID-19 now a part of our daily lives, people are trying to figure out exactly what the ‘new normal’ is, and if you are a business owner, trying to figure out how to exactly re-open and make sure your operations comply with the strict laws being put into place within your region.

That is where C19 Certified comes into play. Created by Andy Halpern and his friend Adam Engelhard, the new compliance e-learning program helps train business owners and their employees across the United States on how to re-open properly. The program teaches and certifies business owners how to operate their business with confidence during and post COVID-19 with steps on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, social distancing training / regulations, and other best practices for various types of industries.

We spoke to Andy Halpern, who prior to serving in his current role at C19 Certified, spent seven years at Ernst & Young as a trusted consultant providing both Assurance and Transaction Advisory Services. During his career at Ernst & Young, Andy managed the execution of US GAAP compliant audits for both private companies and Fortune 500 companies and more recently served as a trusted financial advisor in over 30 mergers and acquisition transactions valued at over $1.0 billion in consideration transferred.

Why did you decide to create an e-learning program geared towards COVID-19?

Ultimately, we were trying to find a solution to help employees and businesses get back to work as quickly and as safely as possible. Until a vaccine is available, we realized that coronavirus education had to be prioritized as a tool to mitigate risk. 

What sets your courses apart from others?

Our course is designed with oversight from esteemed medical and legal professionals. This ensures the most relevant and reliable content is administered to employees.

What are the main things businesses really need to focus on right now to reopen and find success again?

Businesses need to make sure (i) they have a formal plan to mitigate coronavirus related risk when reopening that adheres to state and local regulations, (ii) they need to make sure they communicate this plan to employees, customers and vendors, and (iii) they must demonstrate a commitment to safety in order to restore customer confidence.

How easy is it for a company to use your program with their employees? Does it work for all States and their guidelines, or which ones?

Our standard course is about as easy to use as it gets – 100% online and ready to go. Once you sign your company up you receive the link to your company course within minutes and your employees can be signed up and certified within the hour. For customized courses, we generally expect a turnaround of ~ 1 week from receiving the materials to completing the buildout. Our course complies with all state and local reopening guidelines for coronavirus risk and prevention training, however, we recommend Companies to include any additional practices they want to include for their employees. 

With data showing a second wave of COVID-19 heading our way in the Fall, how does your program help prepare companies for what may be coming next?

We give Companies a key tool to mitigate the risk of coronavirus spread in their office. We don’t guarantee that people don’t become sick, however, we do guarantee that people are educated on the best practices to not spread the infection – we hope this keeps Companies from having to completely stop operations in the event an employee becomes infected.

How has e-learning as an industry changed over the years in your opinion?

To be frank, we are fairly new to this field – which I think is a point in itself about the industry. There are an abundance of players and technologies that make e-learning a credible industry to pursue. We have decided to focus on credible and purposeful content as a differentiator in the industry.

With the knowledge of your course, what trends in the e-learning space do you see happening in the years to come?

E-learning is only going to continue to blow up in the years to come. The quarantine has shown people the need for quality e-learning platforms and programs and we believe the demand is only going to continue to grow.

How can people sign-up now?!

People can visit our website to schedule a meeting or sign up for the course.

With a Ph.D. in environmental science, Tracey has intricate knowledge about things that have been going around in this particular domain. While working as a professor, she also contributes highly-informative science and environment news for USA Reformer.

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