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Neva Failin’ takes over the Party Scene with his Sound




Before you read any further, please type “Neva Failin’” into whatever streaming platform you use regularly to get new music and please get a taste of what’s taking Atlanta by storm.

Born in Selma, Alabama and moving to Atlanta in his early childhood, Neva Failin’ has been a standout individual his whole life. He received his first taste of musical success in college where he learned to record and engineer his own sound. He told us, “I had to figure how to create my music from scratch, it was like every time I let someone else engineer my music, It didn’t sound like how it did in my head.” It’s was funny that he describe it like that but we quickly notice the difference between his ability to create his unique sound in comparison to others attempting, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it is the only way to describe his creative process.

With a promising football career he had to make a major decision in his early adulthood, would he continue to drive towards a professional football career or take his talent and motivation and implement it into music. He would describe it as an easy decision to make, being an artist made him feel like an entrepreneur, he was making success and could pass those same traits along to his family one day. The most important thing to him is creating something no one could easily take from him.

“What They Like” is his new hit single looking to take over airwaves now, the official video has dropped recently and gaining great ground amongst industry heads. This song features two of his closest childhood friends and is a summer banger for the ladies. He described making this song by saying, “We were just in the studio and if came to me, the vibe in the room was mellow but I know we need something for the Atlanta nightlife so I merged the mellow vibes with with a hype sound.” Once the song was created they immediately made arrangements to shoot the music video that following weekend. Neva Failin’ always describes making music as a full process, saying, “Today you can’t just drop a song and expect people to just listen, you have to create the visual that stands along side to make the experience come true fir your audience.”

Neva Failin’ and his management team led by Breana Mone’t searched everywhere for the dance talent needed to bring this visual alive. When we say they found them, they definitely found everything they needed to create history once again. Atlanta is known for there creatives and their dance scene is arguable the tops in the country. They needed motivated ladies this time, individuals with the energy to carry their vibes. The choreography was everything for this visual.

Along side this hit song he also led his camp in creating another hit song called “Dat Luh Ahh” a few weeks later, they went after the visual process just as fast and put the content out just as fast as well, the fans loved every moment. Some would compare this visual to those like “Tip Drill” and other worldwide twerk anthems. Neva Failin’ momentum can not be stopped, he will boil over very soon, will you be there to witness his rise in the only question now.

If you’re looking to follow his success he goes by @nevafailin on all socials and his website keeps you updated with all of his most recent content, please visit him a This artist is one never to be overlooked.

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