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NBA Players Who Refuse to Play When Season Resumes will not be Disciplined




NBA Players

As the league resumes its 2019-2020 season in Orlando NBA players who choose not to play will not face any disciplinary action. The league is set to begin on July 31st. In ‘The Athletic’ memo, the National Basketball Players Association informed players that they have until June 24 to notify their teams if they do not plan to participate.

NBA PlayersPlayers who decide not to participate will not face fines or suspensions because every player must understand that he has the right to choose not to return to play.

However, if the players choose not to play, their pay will be cut by 1/92.6 for each game missed. The reduction in pay covers fourteen games.

NBA will resume its league on July 30 with a 22-team format in a campus-like environment at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The league postponed its season in March following the coronavirus pandemic which made it impossible to safely hold games.

As the memo circulated some prominent players, including Brooklyn Nets star and NBPA vice president Kyrie Irving, questioned whether resuming the game was a good decision. Irving held a conference call with over a hundred players last Friday night.

During the call, several players expressed concern about the NBA’s plan to resume play during the coronavirus pandemic. Others opted to focus on social justice work amid nationwide protests against racial injustice.

Adam Silver NBA Commissioner said it is understandable why some players would have hesitations given the ongoing pandemic and social turbulence. He confidently stated that the league would be able to work through the issues.

Silver also advised NBA players in other communities to fight social justice as the world’s attention will be on NBA players in Orlando if they can complete the league.


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