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Mother shares neighbor’s note over baby’s cry




Well, when a baby cries, he/she cries at his/her highest pitch and it becomes really tough to control the baby’s cry. This has also led to the disturbance of various neighbors as they seem to be living in the very closest vicinity and in one of the similar cases, a mother has shared an anonymous note from her neighbor which she received over her infant’s cry. 

The note says that the infant’s cry has been disturbing since everyone is working from home and the mother has denied doing anything about it (because it is hard to stop a baby from crying). Geralyn Amy Yeh resides in Malaysia with her five-month-old baby shared the note of her neighbor on Facebook which read, “Hello, Could you please close the door when (the) baby (is) crying during the daytime? Currently, we’re working from home. Please be more considerate. Thank you!”

Well, in response, the mother also wrote which she even posted a snap on Facebook. It read, “I’m sorry if my 5-month-old baby’s crying has disturbed you. Staying in the same household, we do understand your frustration as we do work from home too. They can get really irritating with their high pitch screaming or crying, but that’s the way they communicate and I do not have any magic to stop her from crying or make her grow up faster so that she can communicate without crying. We have given [SIC] her a stern warning on the day we receive [SIC] your feedback. I’m not sure she quite understood it, but she did look serious after hearing it and gave a pity sad look, a Headphone might also be good to minimize the noise.”

The mother hilariously wrote that she tried to explain to her baby about the problems that neighbors face but, sadly, the baby didn’t understand any of that sort. 


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