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Man without mask tries to enter inside store, shoves Walmart employee




A video that surfaced over the internet and raised a question among people on the ongoing crisis and enforced law on wearing masks in a public gathering, places where the spread is more likely to happen, shows the whim reality. In the video, the man is seen shoving Walmart’s employee because the employee is stopping the man to enter inside the store, without wearing a mask in Florida. 

The man walks in the front of the gate to enter inside but gets stopped by the employee, the agitated and aggressive man then shoves the employee thrice just to enter inside the store. The man ends up falling down after shoving the worker for the third time and irrespective of wearing a mask or stepping back, the man chooses to step inside. It can be easily inferred that the worker tries to block his way but couldn’t. 

However, the spokesperson for Orlando’s Walmart wasn’t available to comment on the incident, the area’s administration recommends everyone to cover their face with masks everywhere may it be a working place like office, malls, business, or even a visit to relatives’ house. Also, businesses are advised to debar the entry of people who refuse to adhere to the mandated orders of wearing masks or sanitizing themselves in public places. 

Walmart has mandated that its employees should wear masks in public places including offices and the customers are requested to follow the same procedure (which should be in-line with states or municipalities’ directions). 

Recently, a man named Brandon Straka was removed from the American Airlines plane for not adhering to the enforced law of wearing a mask in Flight. He was later deboarded in another flight when he agreed upon the conditions of wearing a mask and maintaining proper sanitization throughout the journey. 

Apparently, a second video shows the man finally taking his steps towards the exit and being questioned about a possible injury that he might have caused to the employee, nothing could be drawn clearly from the video. 


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