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Latest 007 Blockbuster ‘No Time to Die’ Release Date Moved Up




No Time to Die

“No Time to Die” will arrive sooner than previously expected in the US theatre. The film premieres on the twentieth of November 2020, five days earlier than its previously expected release of November 25th.

While the lovers of the 007 franchise will be excited about this news, it is still a far cry from its originally planned release date of April 10th.

“No Time to Die” is one major blockbuster films to delay its release date due to the coronavirus pandemic escalating in March.

Apart from the release date drama, ‘No time to Die’ had rough pre-production. Daniel Craig who Initially indicated he was done with the James bond role, returned. The movie lost its original director Danny Boyle while Cary Fukunag became the director.

No Time to Die

Latest 007 Blockbuster ‘No Time to Die’ Release Date Moved Up

The change still places the hit film on a November release schedule, which is on par with almost every other release in the franchise since “GoldenEye” in 1995.

The only exception to this standard is “Tomorrow Never Dies,” which premiered late in December 1997.

This unexpected move seems like a tactical way to come out before Warner Bros ”Godzilla Vs. King” premiering on November 21, 2020.

However, since the film did not keep its original thanksgiving date, it may have cost “No Time to Die” a chance at a coveted box office record.

Per an estimated budget of more than $200 million, “No Time to Die” will need to make a hit.  this is so that the film would be able to score $163 million to topple last year’s domestic box office winner, ‘knives out.’

The film’s plot will initially portray Craig’s Bond living a retired life in tropical Jamaica until his old colleague, CIA Agent Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), brings him back into the spy game with a mission to rescue a scientist.

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