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Indian man beats female as she asked him to wear a mask




According to recent reports, a government official had thrashed a woman with a chair leg and the reason behind this was merely a face mask. Officials said that the man refused to cover his face with the mask, following the normal norm of social distancing. 

A surveillance video has revealed the true face of India’s Nellore tourism boss C. Bhaskar where he is seen carrying a chair leg in his hand and allegedly thrashing the woman by holding her hair. The whole incident took place in front of other staff members and it is also seen in the video that an old man tries to stop him by grabbing Bhaskar’s arm but fails to do so. 

The woman is identified as Checuri Usharani by the local media and other responsible persons. Also, the elderly man was flung by Bhaskar on the floor as he couldn’t manage to have a hold of him or control him. As seen in the video, a young man comes to the rescue of the woman who was being thrashed by Bhaskar and controls the complete situation by grabbing the chair leg from him. 

As per the investigators, Bhaskar got furious over a contract worker asking him to wear the mask. Describing the situation, sub-inspector of police K. Venugopal said, “Enraged at this, Bhaskar allegedly abused her, dragged her from her chair, caught hold of her hair and started beating her on her face and head with a stick pulled out from a wooden chair.” 

Apparently, the attack took place on Saturday but Andhra Pradesh’s police had arrested Bhaskar on Tuesday as they might have been apathetic or uninformed about the situation. The attack came into light only after the video of the attack went viral on the internet. The police also said that Bhaskar tried to outrage a woman’s modesty by inciting violence and anger on her. 

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