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Hollywood Pizzeria Finds New Ways To Survive COVID-19 and Get The Community Involved!




During these trying times, restaurants across America have been hit hard. But the ones who have managed to survive, have had to find new ways to keep their customers not only safe, but engaged.

Dough Pizzeria & Bar, one of Hollywood, California’s most famous and go-to pizza places, has not only survived the COVID-19 time, but has managed to help out the community around them. Recently, Dough donated over $10,000 to the Black Lives Matter protests in Hollywood, helping to keep protestors energized and fed for days.

Next, the restaurant made sure their loyal customers knew they were following all safety measures, special discounts, while also introducing new menu items to have folks drooling over. And what’s more, the pizzeria now is planning on giving their customers a chance to actually own some equity in the restaurant.

Mo Mostashari, one of the new co-owners of Dough – alongside celebrity Chef Aaron May, social media influencer Adam Waheed and investor Farshad Dehbozorgi – spoke to us more in detail about all, and how other restaurants may want to try pivoting to new ideas like he has implemented in order to survive.

How has Dough Pizzeria & Bar helped navigate itself as a restaurant to survive during these trying times? What new innovations have you done?

We have had to adapt to our new normal. Managers must be much more hands on, covering shifts. Menus have had to be paired down to reduce food cost and allow for less kitchen employees. Running specials has been a big help as well. From 20% off all take orders, to $10 off your first order. Next, we are working on family meal kits and selling our raw products to cook at home. From sheets of lasagna, to our portioned out dough, sauce and cheese for you to make your own pizza at home.

What other changes have you had to put into place for Dough because of COVID-19?

Going along with the previous question, we have built a to go window to ensure our staff and guests health and safety.  Staff must wear masks, and gloves when dealing with customers. Hand sanitizer is placed all around the restaurant. Even though it increases labor costs, we are doing deep cleans every night to ensure the cleanliness of our Pizzeria.

What can people experience when they come to Dough?

Friendly staff, delicious food and cocktails made from scratch, in a casual environment with views of the Sunset Strip.

Dough is soon launching an investment round and opportunity for people through Republic Investments – can you tell us more?

Would love to. We are planning on launching a crowd investment campaign on Republic in August 2020. This will allow our customers and fans around the nation to own a piece of the pie. You can invest as little as $10 and be an equity owner in Dough Pizzeria.

How did the new ownership of Dough come to be, and why is having a diverse group of owners such a positive thing for a restaurant?

We were all friends which is great because it makes working fun. And we all bring in different experiences and knowledge to the table which in today’s restaurant world is very important to have different viewpoints and have constructive conversations to come to the best end result for the business. And if you do not have partners, you cannot have these conversations.

How has the restaurant industry changed over the last few years?

I think as a whole, the business, from both restaurant side to customer side, has become a lot more adventurous. People are more willing to try things for the first time, drive miles to try the new hot spot. Social media has also drastically changed the business. If you have an amazing product, but no presence on line, you simply won’t make it. You need the bloggers, influencers, and online websites constantly talking about you and taking pictures of your dishes.

What trends in the industry do you see happening now and in the near future?

The plant based/vegan trend continues to go on and be huge. I think family style meals / ordering is also a huge trend. It’s more cost effective for a group to dine out ordering like this. I feel the days of fine dining are lessening more and more, and fast casual dining is growing.  With everything going on with COVID-19, people want to get in and out with as little interaction as possible.

What’s your #1 item to order at Dough personally?

Nothing better than our Classic Pepperoni Pie.

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