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Facebook Fires Worker in ‘Black Lives Matter’ Argument




Black Lives Matter

Facebook also called FB fired an employee who openly criticized a co-worker on Twitter for not affixing a statement of support for Black Lives Matter on an open-source project they were working on.

Black Lives Matter

A user interface engineer in Seattle, Washington, Brandon Dail, stated in a tweet that he was dismissed for calling out a colleague on Twitter. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dail had been with Facebook for more than two years.

Dail had been among a group of Facebook employees tweeting criticism of Facebook since Mark Zuckerberg the company’s CEO did not take any action against President Donald Trump’s posts on the platform.

The former Facebook employee stated on Twitter that he asked a co-worker supervising Recoil, an open-source project by Facebook to “add a #BlackLivesMatter banner” as React, another Facebook open-source project, is said to have done.

The worker refused to comply with this. Thus, he openly called out the co-worker for messaging him privately. This led to his termination from Facebook.

He says that he does not claim to have been unjustly terminated, but is fed up with the harm Facebook is doing.

This incident follows after employees at Facebook spoke against CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s inaction regarding provocative remarks posted by President Donald Trump.

Trump’s posts contained the racially charged phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” This post was about protests taking place in Minneapolis, following George Floyd’s killing on May 25.

Twitter attached a “public interest notice,” on the tweet, stating the violation of the account on its rule against praising violence. Despite this, Facebook has left the post on its platform as is.

On June 2, Zuckerberg attempted to explain his positioning on why Facebook wouldn’t act on Trump’s post, citing free speech. Zuckerberg’s stance has led some to resign from the company.

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