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Builders unveils 30-years-old beautiful messages during renovation




Everyone has reminiscence of their old beautiful and lucid past but when the blurred past comes before the eye of people as real, the feeling is overwhelming. The same happened in the case of Kimberely Colbeck and her two elder brothers, Andrew and Christopher as they found a piece of their old memory in a house. 

A builder who was renovating a house in England found several notes hidden behind a wall, which is said to be at least 30-years-old. To fulfill his inquisitiveness and shock, Darren Cross posted about them on Facebook. Apparently, it got easier for Kimberely to recognize them because the notes had children’s names written on it along with the dates. 

Speaking about the emotional moment, Kimberely told of the news outlet about it and said, “I cried when I first saw the note. My older brother Andrew sadly passed away two years ago. It was really emotional to see his writing. I was talking to my cousin about it and those households had such big memories of when we were younger. That house was a massive part of my life. Hopefully, I can show my dad, who actually placed the notes for us when we were kids. He is currently suffering from dementia. It would be nice to see if he recognizes it.”

Meanwhile, a person had recently made another peculiar discovery while he was on his house hunting tour. He saw a refrigerator which was painted like Stewie Griffin from the animated television show “Family Guy.” To make it more quirky, he didn’t know about it beforehand because the listing had no mentions about the Family Guy. 

While posting the pictures of the same on twitter, he wrote, “Hunting for apartments and nowhere in the unit description do they address the refrigerator painted to look like Stewie from Family Guy?”


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