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Brazil ceases to publish the present COVID-19 death toll




In a time, where countries across the world have been updating the numbers of patients admitted and death rate per day, Brazil has stopped publishing its current coronavirus patients and death toll, encountering a move to shadow the real condition of the country due to novel coronavirus. 

As per the recent reports, the present count of COVID-19 patients was 673,000 with deaths of around 35,000 people. The number of cases has put it after the US while the country stands at the seventh position when talked about the global population ranking. 

While every country has been facing issues to roll out the precise data of people affected by the novel coronavirus and the deaths with due, researchers and experts have been reiterating for weeks that fewer data from Brazil is causing hindrance to them in fighting against the pandemic. 

It was also reported that the health ministry had taken the website showcasing the number of coronavirus patients and deaths on Friday and Saturday. Since then, the website has been showing the cases of the previous 1 day. 

A tweet by the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro had been doing rounds on the corner which said, “that disease totals were “not representative” of the country’s current situation.” Also, an investigation will also be carried out on the justification of the health ministry on the alteration of numbers.

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