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Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Business Innovator Gary M. Douglas Opens Up About his Newest Bestselling Book




Beauty, power, Intelligence, fun and excitement are all on the agenda for Gary M. Douglas in his newest bestseller – The Lady Book. We fully expected this book to hit the bestseller list, and it did just that as soon as it was launched, creating quite a stir on the market. In The Lady Book Douglas takes on what it means to be a lady, exploring some of today’s most relevant topics, ranging from money, business, and parenting, to flirtation and seduction.

Douglas combines the best of two worlds, the modern world, and that of a time long past, a world highlighted in classic films from the 1930s and 1940s. A lady makes her own terms and is not defined by others, so it’s not surprising that this book is one of the summer’s hottest reads. This is one of the best books of the summer and it is simple a book that will enlighten the mind and engulf the senses. We were thrilled when Douglas took time out of his busy speaking and writing schedule to have a chat with us.

Authors find inspiration in many different arenas. Was there a person or idea that made you want to sit down and write this book?

What it means to be a lady has changed over the years. True ladies are inspiring. Being a lady is about choosing to be everything you are. It is knowing who you are without judgment. You are who you are, without being defined by what other people think you should be. You don’t have the point of view that you have to be like anyone else.

Can you tell us how writing first became a part of your life (aka. Where did it all begin?)

I have always desired for the world to know that greater possibilities are available and for people to get how crucial they are to those possibilities. Writing is one way I can have my voice in the world.

The Lady Book is being released during a pandemic what do you think it can do to help readers during this time?

A lady is the source of power that creates the future, the source of power that creates possibility, and the source of power that creates an ever-expanding reality. When you know that you see the possibilities rather than the problems in every situation.

Has writing this book changed your worldview at all?

No, but hopefully it has changed everybody else’s world view. 

Since I really love this book can you tell me if you have another book in the works?

Advanced Pragmatic Psychology will be my next release.  Co-authored with Susanna Mittermaier the book discusses pragmatic tools that can change your life and provide the reader with more ease in any area of their life they would like to improve. 

The Lady Book is available on Amazon, and check out its website.

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