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Amid the reopening news, England’s pubs plan to maintain a record of its patron




As the news of reopening has been doing rounds, England’s pubs have come up with a great idea to maintain complete precaution against the widespread coronavirus. Now, the pub-goers will have to share their names and other contact details before ordering anything. 

According to various news outlets, the accumulation and collection of additional information, say basic detail, would prove to be a helping hand for the National Health Service’s (NHS) Test and Trace operation in their unanimous stand against COVID-19. 

Well, every development or change doesn’t go hand in hand with everyone and one of the executives for the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), Emma McClarkin seemed doubtful about the move. Emma said, “As an industry, we will be doing everything we can to ensure both our customers and staff are safe in our pubs. We do have significant concerns over the collection and storage of personal customer data when visiting the pub.” 

Apparently, many businesses have started recording their customers’ names and other details during booking in a measure to fight against the novel coronavirus. This helps in ascertaining and minimizing the local or national outbreak. 

Meanwhile, many establishments will reopen in the upcoming month by maintaining a certain level of precautions like hand sanitization and distancing. The reopening announcement serves as relaxation to these establishments as many of them, for instance, the pubs have been closed since March, in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus’ pandemic. 

Also, a spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy confirmed that the record of data from the visitors or customers of the pubs will be done under legal grounds and people wouldn’t remain encountered to any wrong-doings. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also claimed to be working with the sector to ensure that everything is managed and the spread of this pandemic is curbed. 


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