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Airlines ask passenger to get off the flight when he denied wearing mask




Though not mandated by law, almost all American Airlines have instigated a new rule where stringent mask requirements and proper social distancing would be followed. Proving the sequel of the same requirement, a passenger named Brandon Straka who was traveling from New York’s LaGuardia to Dallas/Fort Worth, in flight-1263, was asked to leave the flight as he denied wearing a mask. 

American Airlines confirmed this incident and claimed to have followed its enforced strategy to curb coronavirus, strictly. According to reports, Straka was allowed to fly later as he agreed to wear a mask and carry all the safety measures. 

In a statement to one of the media houses, Airline said, “After he refused to comply with the instructions provided by the flight crew, our team members asked him to deplane. He deplaned and the flight departed the gate four minutes late at 12:34 p.m. ET.” 

Well, this is the first incident that has happened in a month’s time or so and Straka has claimed to have traveled before during shutdown without masks but no-one had asked him to deboard the flight. A video (which looked like an audio clip due to blurred visuals) on Twitter has also been posted where a man is heard arguing with the flight attendant on being asked about his medical condition or certificates. Perhaps, nothing can be drawn from the audio because it complies with the new-normal checking procedures. 

While talking about the issue on social media, Straka said that a flight attendant came to enquire about the mask when the flight was about to take off. He claimed the whole incident “insane” by stating, “We don’t even have a choice anymore.” Straka also said that he wore a mask but took it off while he entered the plane. The flight had also departed late by a time gap of 4 minutes. 


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