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Christian Coleman lashes out at anti-doping body over his suspension




After having missed the third drug test, Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) released the interim suspension notice of world 100m champion Christian Coleman. Replying to the same, Coleman wrote a long post on Twitter stating the suspension order as an intentional attempt to debar him from a test. 

In his tweet, he wrote, “I think the attempt on December 9th was a purposeful attempt to get me to miss a test. Don’t tell me I ‘missed’ a test if you sneak up on my door (parked outside the gate and walked through … there’s no record of anyone coming to my place) without my knowledge.” Coleman claimed that he went to do the shopping for Christmas when a tester seemed to have arrived at his home and that he didn’t receive any call citing the example of earlier tests where he had prolifically received calls. 

Reiterating about being tested for many times even during quarantine, he wrote, “And, I’ve been tested multiple times since, even during the quarantine. But, of course, that doesn’t matter, and the fact that I have never taken drugs doesn’t matter either.”

When asked about the suspension, AIU stated that it would not be commenting on the matter till any further notice doesn’t surface and said, “Any advanced notice of testing, in the form of a phone call or otherwise, provides an opportunity for athletes to engage in tampering or evasion or other improper conduct which can limit the efficacy of testing.” 

As per the rules, Athletes are required to inform their whereabouts to the officials for at least an hour every day and failing to provide the whereabouts for three times within a period of 12 months, can lead them to punishments (depending on the decision). 

 This isn’t the first time since Coleman has been faced with a ban for violating the law. He’s also claimed of not using drugs for even once and that he’s ready to carry a drug test every single day till his retirement. 




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