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After spending night at bar, 16 friends test positive for COVID-19




With months of social distancing and staying at home as a precautionary measure to the pandemic, 16 friends were struck dumb by the news of testing positive for novel coronavirus after they came back from a bar which had recently reopened in Florida. 

Asserting the gravity of the situation, few friends who spoke to the media said that this is a reminder to the people who’re considering the option of public gathering. They said that the pandemic is still not over though, the restrictions have been lifted in many countries, cities, or villages. 

According to the sources, the group gathered for the celebrating the birthday of one of their friends, Describing the situation at the bar, the group claimed that no one was wearing the mask and the bar was thronged with people from all across the place. 

One of the friends Dara Sweat told while speaking to one of the media houses that they received texts from strangers who were present at the bar, “Receiving the text messages that my friends were just boom, positive, boom, positive, boom, positive, back to back to back, it was overwhelming.” 

As per the Health Department of Florida, it received a surge of coronavirus positive cases even after the state was continuing to lift the restrictions and return to normalization or be to put as, new normal. 

Also, the friends confirmed that they’re confident of having contracted the virus from the bar because none of them had gone out to a larger public gathering since the restrictions were officially announced. 

While the friends were busy celebrating the birthday, other people also seemed relaxed at the bar, being apathetic about the fact the pandemic has still got its roots back in the world and describing the scene, one of the friends said, “ the virus was “out of sight, out of mind.” 


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