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A woman with a history of mental health issues sneaks past airport security




In yet another peculiar case, a woman who is said to have a history of mental health illness was able to board a flight without even booking a ticket or having an ID. The incident reportedly took place in last year’s October where the woman managed to find a place for herself inside the plane until she was caught. 

The woman went inside the airport with the baggage of a TSA agent with a JetBlue baggage receipt. She then managed to escape every security check with an unrealistic plan and boarded inside the plane. It was only recognized when the woman was boarded without a ticket or an ID card after the other passenger claimed to have booked the same seat. 

Following this, when she was asked to leave from the plane, the woman tried to click a selfie on her phone and use it as her ID. She was later recognized with facial recognition software and authorities stated that the woman was going through certain mental illnesses. It was only found out when the authorities dug deep into the woman’s history and found that she had a mental health issue. Also, police had filed nil charges against her including her name was not disclosed in the media.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that  American airlines have banned people who had a recent history of not wearing the mask on planes. Brandon Straka who was recently deboarded in a later flight because he refused to follow the enforced rule of covering his face with a mask, has been banned from the airline until face-covering won’t be required, the company announced in an email. 

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