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70-year-old man beats coronavirus, gets a whopping medical bill of $1.1M




A situation that could leave a heart-stopping effect on anyone was experienced by a resident of Washington State. 

Michael Flor was hospitalized for over 2 months after being tested positive of coronavirus and even the doctors were skeptical about his survival or recovery. According to sources, he came so close to death, once that the nurses held up the phone so his spouse, children, and kin could say goodbye. The doctors said that his heart, kidney, and lungs had all nearly failed during the course of 62 days of treatment. 

Describing in his own way about the gravity of the situation, he said, “when I came out of the hospital and opened the bill and said, ‘Holy.” To the fortune, the man would be paying only a small amount of it or maybe nill as he’s covered with insurance including medicare. 

The charges include the intensive care unit (ICU) which was made an isolation chamber due to the contagious spread of novel coronavirus, treatment of his heart, kidney, and lungs, and he was on a ventilator for a period of 29 days altogether. 

Describing the condition, Flor commented, “I feel guilty about surviving. There’s a sense of ‘Why me? Why did I deserve all this?’ Looking at the incredible cost of it all definitely adds to that survivor’s guilt.”

Flor mentioned his guilt towards the taxpayers and other insurance customers who would contribute to his recovery. Based on the recent reports, there has been a total number of 1,213 deaths among the overall cases of coronavirus in Washington state. Also, around 450,146 people have taken the coronavirus test and among those, 5.7% have tested positive. The report is shown as of June 14, 2020, which is subjected to change. 


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