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650 new coronavirus cases reported in Germany




Germany had recently eased the restrictions on travel but coronavirus isn’t getting tired of leaving its traces behind. But the country has again planned to tighten its restrictions as a total of 650 new cases have been reported from a large meatpacking plant in Western Germany of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Toennies, which is considered among one of the largest meatpacking facilities, had to midway shut its operations and the linkage can be drawn from the employees who had traveled to their home states. 

The company’s officials claimed that workers’ health and their safety comes under the firm’s priority list. Signaling to the recent travel history of few of their workers who had traveled to foreign states, the director of quality management and veterinary services, Gereon Schulze Althoff said, “Our plants have not been built for a pandemic.” and that they’ve given their level best in following the new-norms of social distancing. 

Authorities have tested each and every worker who might have come in close contact with the ones who tested positive and the workers who were present in the building’s premises. High-end precautions are being taken in other meatpacking plants as well. 

Meanwhile, the local government has also ordered the closure of school and daycare till further notice but there’s been no announcement regarding the shutdown. If the threshold of positive cases will move to 50 new cases per 1,00,000 infection then the German authorities would reconsider stringent restrictions. 

An announcement was made by German chancellor Angela Merkel that large events, public holdings, or get-together will remain extended till the end of October, given the picture of the current scenario. 

World Health Organization’s special envoy David Nabarro had earlier claimed that the world will have to learn to live with coronavirus as we live with any other disease. The only thing we can do is to control its spread by maintaining social distance and keeping those in quarantine who may have possibly contracted the virus. Many medical professionals across the world are also trying to find medicine for the same. 


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